Lowcountry One Fly Pre-Registration – Boat


Product Description

$175 for registration at the tournament

The 2nd Annual Charleston One Fly Tournament is coming up again! This is a yearly event we do each fall. Party all day at the shop on Friday, October 20st, Captains Meeting that night, and fish all day October 21nd followed by award ceremony Saturday night. Plan early if you’re out of town! Hurricane or not it’s happening.

Boat ( up to 4 anglers on 1 boat )
Individual (1 wade fisherman or kayak, SUP, ect. )

Both divisions are scored the same way. Top 5 fish are combined for a total score measured in inches.

1 Fly Per Angler, 16lbs max tippet, all fish must be recorded in inches via picture, final details at captains meeting on Friday, October 21st.


  • Biggest Fish
  • Ugliest Redfish Fly
  • Greatest Social Media Post